Cain's Armory

Through the years, Cain has been a witness to the deadly evolution of firearms.

While he's not particularly fond of them, he's settled into a hate/love relationship with a particular few.

Wildey Magnum

It's a gas operated double or single action pistol designed to be used with either .45 Winchester Magnum rounds, or the .475 Wildey Magnum rounds.

While it still enjoys a limited production, Cain came to own it completely by accident in the early 90s.

It was gifted to him by a mysterious Sebastian who runs the mobile gun store called Judas Christ

While most Wildeys are prone to jamming and aren't particularly useful, this one seemed to fit Cain's hands perfectly and became one of his go-to weapons for firing multiple rounds quickly


This large single action, semi automatic pistol is one of the few in the world that can fire .50 caliber cartriges.

Supposedly less than 3000 of these exist in the world, making it probably the most expensive thing Cain owns.

Another gun acquired by chance, it was a status symbol for a high ranking officer in the Vatican's millitia.

Key word is "was".

BFR Magnum Research

The aptly named "Big Frame Revolver", modeled after the classic Colt Single Action Army.

A more recent acquisition, it is not a factory original BFR as Sebastian found it deeply amusing to to make edits to it so that it could fire a comical amount of custom ammunition.

Anything from basic fire rounds to more exotic lavender or silver rounds.

It is Cain's specialized anti-supernatural gun

Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver

Weighing in at over 6 kilograms, this frankly ridiculous gun fires the .600 Nitro Express round, made for, among other things, hunting elephants.

Altough, there is a rumor that it was really created for desposing of posessed individuals, who couldn't be stopped by normal bullets.

Officialy released in 2001, the version Cain owns was a prototype developed in the 80s.

While not a common use in Cain's arsenal, once a demon exceeds a certain level of mass, it's hard to ask for a better revolver.