Indie games are basically all shit and that's okay!

I decided to keep a list of all games I've played

These are not comprehensive reviews just kinda unfiltered thoughts, I respect all these games on the effort it took to create them.

...but some of them might be a bit shit.

Hall of Fame

  • "Fear & Hunger: Termina" - Definitely the greatest find of them all! Incredible art and style, great rpg mechanics. It's got it all! Very fruity too.
  • "After School-A Vocaloid RPG" - not actually an rpg but I understand. It's a story game in rpg maker. I found it charming in it's childishnes but also honesty of the writing.
  • "Deamonologie" - I liked it! Very grim and thought provoking.
  • "Doom:The Golden Souls - Remastered" - Yahoo!
  • "TOUKEN CHRISTMAS" - I'm putting this here ironically. It's hilarious for some reason.
  • "Minions Horror" - Honestly, it's all thanks to the minions angst. It made me throw up.
  • "0_abyssalSomewhere" - This on really sneaks up on you. It started low and slow but it really hit the homerun with it's style and atmoshphere. It also actually made me think, I was curious about the lore and whatnot. Great stuff.

    Hall of Ehh

  • "Witchorb" - In my memory it was like a platforming game. Might need to revisit.
  • "Forsaken Castle Demo" - I don't think I actually got around to this, needs a revisit.
  • "Pactman" - It's a first person horror game Pacman, I've seen a bunch of these, it's a very popular game idea somehow. Bit lame but not enough for the Hall of Shame.
  • "A Final Delivery" - I feel positive about this one, the artstyle is nice. Should also revisit.
  • "Krampus" - I have no memory of it. Revisit. It's by Outer Clouds Games. *EDIT* I remember it now. It's sickening but it says in Ehh. The child cages was funny.
  • "Winterlore I" - Nice visuals, point and click game. Nothing special if you ask me but the atmosphere is nice. Actually it reminded me too much of those horrible Rusty Lake games - Yuck!
  • "Stealth Fishing" - Revisit!
  • "Renova" - More like Re-visit!
  • "Calmed by the Dark Neon" - I remember being unimpressed by it, the map was chaotic and the writing was dull. Pass!
  • "Guaishou" - Pretty art, creepy monster. It had pretty good vibes but the shooting was a bit dull, needed more punch. Has potential!
  • "Legacy of Datura" - When I saw statements about real life politics I practically bolted because you never know what kind of weirdos make games on, might be worthy of a revisit?
  • "Harmful The Second Tape" - Dull. Also a personal pet-peeve that's going to become relevant for all this page is that I really don't care for what I call "horror determinism". Basically the idea that all horror must end with tragedy to work, some games are free form this if the tragedy is done well, but just killing your protag at the end doesn't cut it. SH2 does this well!
  • "Leftovers" - Nice artstyle, not even that bad of a twist at the end even if it was more silly than scary. It was a neat time thought!
  • "Bad Ben" - This was a real, real stinker but it was done on purpose so it avoids the Shame. I did laugh a bit at it but it got a bit boring near the end.
  • "Demonic Invasion" - Revisit!
  • "The Salatroitsk Incident" - Pretty good! I liked the art and the vibe, short and sweet with a cool monster and premise. Reminiscent of Hrot a bit.
  • "The Burning Locks" - Revisit!
  • "Psycho-unstable Journey" - Barely avoids the Shame pit for having a car. Gets really buggy in the final stretch.
  • "Sponge Massacre" - Stinker! But it was a little bit funny.
  • "Den:The Forgotten" - Revisit!
  • "I'll Take You To Tomato Town" - I liked it. Bit funny bit cute.
  • "Enviro-Bear 2000" - Quite classic, but it is mid. Bonus points for a car!
  • "Dry Path" - Nice artstyle, needs direction. It's good tho!
  • "Coffin Tree Remastered" - I have no idea what this is, revisit!
  • "Paranormalscape" - Revisit!
  • "Stone Stacking / 石積み(ishitsumi)" - T'was good, good time. Good balance on the difficulty and a good atmosphere.
  • "Lunic Possession" - Avoids the shame by simply being so mid.
  • "9th Childs St DEMO" - No memory, revisit!
  • "Nightmare on North Sentinal" - Revisit!
  • "SCP-087" - Avoids the shame by not being the worst SCP game on
  • "Shady Mission" - Don't remember, revisit!
  • "Red Handed" - It was alright.
  • "Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64" - Baby's first game vibes, but it's cute.
  • "irori" - Inoffensive.

    Hall of Shame

  • "Subject 65" - Bad, bad, no good! The main menu was hilarious, I don't think this one was a joke though. I think it's trying for real.
  • "The night of '87" - Maybe not really deserving of the Shame but when I think about the hordes of zombies boringly running at me it does kinda stink.
  • "Shadow Of LEATHERFACE" - I respect the effort, but personally the gameplay is dodgy at best. Great art design tho!
  • "THE FLY (1958)" - I'm so sorry Stefano, I think you need to work on your game design.
  • "The Baby In Yellow" - I don't understand why anyone streamed this game, very boring. I only got like a minute of baby jokes out of it.
  • "INTO THE HEX" - HILLARIOUSLY BAD, My only real complaint is that I wish there was more.
  • "Tomb of Beelzebub" - ooga booga resident evil inspired uhhhh
  • "Xpressorcist" - Neat idea but it's about as bad as a mobile game.
  • "25 things" - Made me sick
  • "Drive Time Radio" - I've written some embarrasing dialogue in my time but none quite this bad.
  • "Tornuktu" - Vaguely offensive.
  • "Thomas: The Shank Engine" - Not as funny as the spongebob game, not even close.
  • "Dead men tell not ales" - It made me throw up.
  • "Szpieg" - Polish nationalism makes me throw up.