His blood splattered behind him in a chaotic pattern. The blade went right through his side, effectively cutting deep into his internal organs, potentially completely severing his intestines. The assailant was clearly quicker than him by a mile.

Faust recoiled back and grasped his side, his body lifelessly slid to the floor. He clenched his teeth and forced a grin.

"With wounds like these you'll die shortly. I can make it quick if you tell me where your team is."

His attacker said while pointing a blade at him. It wasn't an ordinary blade, it looked as if it was made of bone and the engravings on it gave away the pride of it's creator.

"Nice sword."

Faust's words came out weakly through his bloodied mouth. He was buying himself time to think. Anything to make the swordsman wait just a little bit before leaving him to die. He needed an extra moment to think of a plan.

"Don't try to play any tricks, it's not like you can walk while your torso is hanging on by a thread."

The reply was cold. The man could clearly tell when someone was stalling. Faust's eyes were forcing themselves shut.

Not good. Not good at all. Faust's mind was repeating the words in his mind like a red alarm.

"What would you do if I lunged at you."

"I'd kill you then and there. That is my mission after all."

"Heh, you make me want to give it a shot."

"Break a leg."

The sarcastic "good luck" entered Faust's mind. His yellow eyes instantly lit up and he seemed to get a second wind of energy.

The swordsman went into his cutting stance, eagerly waiting for any harsh movement from his target.

Faust had no chance of getting a strike in, he was slower and at a disadvantage due to his wounds, but if he got all his strengths he could make one move.

With a glimmer of hope in him, Faust twisted his body to the side, and using his arms he flung himself into a handstand. His thighs were lagging behind, seemingly on a collision course with the sword.

The swordsman's reaction time was bordering on perfect, the second Faust started moving he was already striking with his sword.

In both their eyes the moment lasted for hours, the sword inching ever closer to Faust's vulnerable body.

And then it hit.

In a flash the green haired operative pummelled to the ground. His opponent recoiled back, losing grip on his sword, that was now stuck midway through Faust's thigh.


His disbelief was interrupted by a knife flying directly into his chest. He fell onto his knees and grasped at the handle, but the knife's jagged edges made removal incredibly hard.

"H-how… I was aiming for your head…"

Faust prepped himself up against a wall, breathing heavily.

"Femur bone, the strongest in the human body. At that short range you couldn't have had enough strength to cut through it and reach for my neck."

He said while pointing to the bone sword stuck firmly within his leg.

The swordsman smiled.

"You broke a leg… you really are as insane as they told me."

Faust smirked at the man before his eyes closed and his consciousness started to drift away.

Man, the guys will be so mad at me. He thought before passing out completely.