"Oh hey Faust, whatcha reading?"

Jean casually walked into the main room of the house they were holed up in. The current mission required them to observe the office building across the street and try to spot a particular man. Faust was taking a break from spotting. He usually chose to spend his breaks doing something non-physical like reading or doing random crossword puzzles.

"Crime and Punishment."

He says after checking the front of the book.


Duval's voice rings from across the room. It was apparently his turn to stare out the window and into the office building's front entrance.

"You just say that because you can't read."

Faust said in a sarcastic tone, without lifting his gaze from the book.

"Say that one more time and I'll burn that fucking book to a crisp."

Duval replied with an equally sarcastic tone, not lifting his gaze from the window either.

Jean sighed and crossed her arms.

"Now, now, let's not fight."

She said in a tired tone and sat down next to Duval.

"I've been thinking…"

Faust put down the book and got off the floor.

"... we're wasting time waiting for the guy. We should go meet him."

The other two rolled their eyes.

"Here he goes again."

Duval said, smirking as he got up from his position at the window.

"Hey! What about your window spott—?"

She got interrupted by Faust dropping a rifle into her hands.

"That job is yours now."

He said smugly. She smiled in return.

"This kind of spotting I can do."

Back at their HQ, Urbigerus got a cold shiver down his spine.