Duval kicked the gas pedal and shifted into high gear. The government issued AMC Gremlin shook as if to fall apart at any moment, but magically it cut right through the middle of a traffic jam. No doubt thanks to Duval's expert driving skills.

In the back, Jean was loading a magazine into her rifle. She casually gave it a light tap and smirked.

"Did we lose them?"

"Not a chance, pop open the back window."

Duval complied and slammed down a button to make said window open. Immediately, the cold breeze of the autumn evening creeped into the poorly isolated car. Jean seemed to pay no attention to it as she mechanically aimed at a black truck following them.

While Duval was skillfully weaving in and out of traffic, the truck was simply plowing right through, pushing smaller cars to the side with ease.

The trunk sniper closed her eyes and exhaled. She pulled the trigger and let out a burst from her rifle. Almost immediately, smoke came out of the truck's hood.


Jean grinned proudly to herself.

"Great job cowgirl, now we have a flaming truck trying to ram us down."

Duval didn't wait for a comeback. He saw a stretch of the road free of traffic and pushed their car to its limits.

"Oh, so you won't even thank me for a smoke screen? Seriously, you have no care for me whatsoever."

Duval's eyebrow twitched and he grabbed her by the collar without turning his gaze away from the road.


He stopped mid sentence, then resumed.

"Wait, did you say smoke screen?"

"Take a look for yourself, idiot."

Duval wiped off the dirt on his rearview mirror to reveal the truck's windows completely blocked by smoke.

"Jean. You are a genius sometimes, but you piss me off greatly."

He said with a mischievous grin then took a sharp turn into an alley and stopped.

The truck blazed right past them without noticing their change of direction. After a moment of waiting, the sound of metal crashing into concrete mixed with shattering glass was heard.

Jean and Duval bumped their fists and grinned at each other.

"Not let's pick up Faust, before he dies a second time."

Jean said, while Duval was already backing out of the alley.

We could make a good team if we tried. He thought to himself, for the first time ever.