"Out of the question."

Duval smacked his prosthetic hand against the concrete walls.

"Not only am I supposed to work with a newbie but also some loser who got kicked out of a previous assignment? Fucking nonsense."

"We can hear you over here, y'know."

Jean snapped back at him from the top of a bunk bed. It's true, she did get transferred here for failing, but she definitely wasn't "some loser".

"You don't have to babysit the new corpse so don't even start with me."

He angrily gestured towards the green haired "new corpse". He wasn't paying attention and instead was staring down at the floor.

"Look at him, he can't even lift his head up. I bet they fried his brain for too long."

Suddenly his head moved up to face Duval, his eyes were practically glowing with a beautiful yellow color.

"Do you guys get fed at all here?"

Jean and Duval looked at each other with astonishment, then back at the newbie.

"Food? Maybe once a month if we're lucky."

Jean chuckled.

"Man, I don't even notice that anymore"

Duval slapped his knee and grinned smugly.

"Well, I could really go for a kebab right now."

Duval and Jean once again looked at him with astonishment. He sure was a weird one that's for sure, but a more pressing matter was…

"What the fuck is a kebab?"

They said in unison.

"Y-you don't know what a kebab is?"

His eyes widened and his usually calm demeanor dropped revealing a puzzled expression. However, after a few seconds it changed into a sly grin.

"Then I think I know how we should spend some extra time on our mission."

He said to them with an arrogant tone. Jean and Duval bursted out laughing.

"Free time? Dude, with you two slowing me down this will take a whole day."

The green haired man stood up, grabbed his knife holsters off the table and put them on.

"30 minutes. I'll go in, steal it, and come back before you notice."

This simply confused Duval, but Jean found it hilarious.

"Watch out Duval! He's coming for your leadership title!"

Duval shook his head and walked up closer to the man.

"What's your name."


Duval smiled and slapped him across the back.

"I like the color of your eyes. If you die, I'll make sure to get mine transplanted with yours, so keep them clean, will ya?"

Jean rolled her eyes.


Faust shook off the comment and leaned proudly against the door.

"So anyway, who's up for trying a kebab?"