There definitely is a certain appeal to human machinery.

At least that's what Lucifer thought, Cain shared no such sentiment. Which is why he never stayed around the abandoned parking lot that the Devil transformed into a makeshift garage.

Their car (or rather the bare skeleton of what you might call a car) was probably a 1969 Corvette Stingray. It ran fine for a while but now it really needed a "pick-me-up".


Lucifer exclaimed as he twisted another piece of machinery into place.

He wasn't able to physically interact with the humans for a long time, but one of his favourite past times was watching them as they built, repaired and modified their technologies, so this came easily to him.

He slid from underneath the vehicle, dust and oil covered his face and overalls.

He jumped inside the car and attempted to turn the engine on, the car made an exhausted sound.

"Come on! I know I did this right!"

He stepped on the gas.

"Lucifer, I brought foo— BLERGH!"

The exhaust pipe released a black, ball shaped object and hurled it in Cain's direction, who just came back from the grocery store.

And then the engine started properly.

"YAY! It works, the baby runs just fine!"

Lucifer jumped out of the car and practically did a cartwheel from happiness, only to trip and land directly on top of his partner in crime, who was now on the floor, recovering from the hit.

"Oh hello, friend! New makeup style? Doesn't suit you in my opinion."

Lucifer remarked gleefully as he examined Cain's dust covered face.

"I hate you."

Said Cain, but he didn't mean it.