The giant moved gracefully, seemingly weightless, through the air. Each step they took left no mark on the ground. They were more of an apparition than a physical being.

"Yippe here! Azrael!"

"Lucifer. I recognize your voice, dear friend."

Azrael spoke in a gentle voice that could put demons to sleep. They bent down to see their miniscule friend, a former cherub, Lucifer.

"Hellooo~ Oh, great seraph of life and death, Azrael."

Lucifer bowed politely, both as a playful and respectful gesture.

"No need for formalities my dear. It's good to see you again. Who's your friend over there?"

Leaning on a brick wall with his arms crossed was Cain. He was calmly holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

"That's Cain! We're a team!"

The giant's colorless eyes visibly widened.

"Cain? The one I think of?"

"In the flesh! Come down here to meet 'em!"

In a dark mist that seemed to bend light around itself, Azrael came down to the ground in a size that made interactions with humans easier.

They immediately and gracefully phased next to Cain. You couldn't call their movement natural, it was clear that air and friction didn't mean anything to the ethereal being.

"My human brother, it's my honest pleasure to finally meet you. I've watched your doings closely whenever I could, other seraphs don't look kindly to such behavior."

Cain uncrossed his arms and finally lit his cigarette.

"Good to meet you."

Lucifer nudged him slightly.

"Excuse him, he's not a talkative type."

"Oh don't be ridiculous Lucifer. Not many words are needed here, it's remarkable to see someone with such a clear yet tainted soul."

Cain spit out his cigarette at the sound of that.

"Ekhm. "Clear-yet-tainted"? The hell does that mean?"

Azrael smiled at him with a motherly warmth that seemed to defy all logic.


Cain looked at Lucifer who now had a similar expression to his seraph friend. The two of them were now staring at Cain as if he was a puppy.

The suit-wearing man sighed deeply.

"Angels. Nothing but mysteries with you lot."