He was too tired to yell. It didn't really matter anyway as the empty void seemed to stretch for miles. His voice simply got lost after a while in the emptiness.

With all the strength he has left he tenses up his arms but the nails holding them down to the wooden cross won't budge.


Anne's voice cries out and rips through the darkness. She calls out for him over and over again, but Cain is too tired to respond.

"Cain… oh God… are you…"

He shakes his head nonchalantly.

"I-I'm fine."

When she gets closer, the full extent of his wounds becomes apparent to her. Besides nails pinning him down to the wooden surface, he had multiple arrows stuck in his body, spear slashes all across his lower torso, bruises and cuts basically everywhere. After a while she stopped trying to count it all.

"W-were gonna get you to a doctor… and fast."

Cain rolled his eye.

"Anne, you have to kill me."

He said with a weakened, but stern voice. Anne recoiled back from the command and almost fell down to her knees.


"Shut up and listen. It's the only way you're gonna get out of here. They want you because you're sinless or whatever. Show them that you aren't. Kill me."

The words almost brought her to tears.

"B-but I cannot just take your life, there are people waiting for you outside, there are people who need someone like you!"

Cain slammed his head against the back of the cross in anger. All his limbs tensed up again as he attempted to snap out of his containment.

"Look. Anne."

He said through his teeth.

"You fucking hate me, don't you dare lie to me. I killed your family, I took you out of your normal life, I risked your friends and everything you own and I almost ended up killing you, all while being a cunt, constantly belittling you and not helping when you needed me."

He went into a coughing fit that made him spit blood out of his mouth. Anne was speechless, gripping her tiny knife that she used to defend herself throughout this entire ordeal.

"You're a fucking nuisance in my world, Anne, so kill me and get the fuck out of—"

He was interrupted by a blade stabbing into his heart.

"I-I'm sorry… I'm sorry…"

Cain's body lifelessly dangled from the cross, the dark void around him crumbling to reveal the light of day.

"I did hate you… but even you didn't deserve this…"

The Sons of God chasing behind her were suddenly retreating.