"Today a shocking event happened in the manor of Francis Albert. News outlets were anonymously tipped off about a supposed violent act of terrorism, only to find a group of wealthy and famous individuals passed out on the floor. No harm was done to them. Police were quickly called onto the sc—"

Cain switched the channel with his foot.

"What a load of bull."

He took a sip of cheap whiskey. He groaned as moving his chest still hurt from getting impaled.

Lucifer lied next to him, smoking a cigarette and trying to massage his own shoulder.

"Good thing it ended as it did. Too bad Belial ran off though."

Cain nodded his head and took another shot of his drink.

"One thing makes me wonder, thought."

Lucifer looked at Cain and tilted his head.

"What is it, babe?"

"How did we get out of there? I don't remember anything after that flash of light and before waking up in the car."

Lucifer shrugged.

"I don't remember either…"

He moved closer and prepped his head on Cain's thigh.

"But you know what I do think about it all?"


"Maybe Belial was right, but in his cynicism, he had completely forgotten about an even more powerful human emotion…"

Cain snatched Lucifer's cigarette.

"Hey! This one's mine!"

"Revenge for earlier, you dollar store philosopher."

The two spent the rest of the night fighting over an ever dwindling cigarette.