"Never have I ever... kissed someone on the mouth?"

Lucifer said in the most serious tone.

"Stupid question."

Cain replied with an annoyed tone. He sat down on their dirty couch and downed a glass of cheap whiskey.

"Cain, can I be frank with you for a bit?"

"What is it?"

"You suck at this game."

Cain rolled his eyes. Before he could come back with a witty response, Azazel entered the room. After recent events he's been temporarily staying with them until he could find a place for himself.


Cain nodded from behind his whiskey, meanwhile Lucifer jumped up and waved at Azazel as if the Watcher was a mile away.

"What are you two doing?"

"We're playing a game, Lucifer is trying to catch up on all human games that have been created sinceā€¦ The birth of Christ."

Cain's dry explanation didn't do justice to Lucifer's excited expression.

"We already got pretty far! We're doing a variation of "never-have-I-ever" today!"

Lucifer posed proudly and spoke in a victorious tone. Azazel slightly tilted his head to one side, but his stone cold expression remained unchanged.

Cain poured himself another glass and zoned out Lucifer's long winded explanation of what the rules were. Luckily for him, the explanation got interrupted by his flip phone ringing.

"I'll be leaving then. Work calls."

Lucifer threw his hands up into the air.

"Cain! We were supposed to finally try jenga today! You are not going anywhere!"

Cain already put on his jacket, he glanced back at Azazel who was as confused as before.

"I refuse to be your stand in, Cain."

Azazel read Cain's mind before the man even spoke.

Needles to say, Azazel was in for a long night of knocking down wooden blocks.