"Take this."

Lucifer threw a small object into Cain's hands.

"What's this supposed to be?"

"A phone; a flip phone to be precise. I even got a black one to match your style."

The object was indeed a small black flip phone. Cain toyed around with it in his hands unsure what to do with it.

"And why do I need this?"

"It's the year 2000, my dear friend. Everyone has these. Besides, I can text you when a new job is up now.'

Saying that, Lucifer pulled out a pink phone covered with various punk inspired stickers.

"See? We match."

He said gleefully.

Cain sighed deeply and sat back on the dusty leather couch he spent most of his recent days on.

"How did you even get the money for this?"

"I didn't, I stole it."

"Why does that not surprise me."

Lucifer said his goodbyes and ran outside. Cain was now sitting alone, just the way he preferred.

Last year he unknowingly brought the actual devil into the physical reality that humans inhabit and said devil seemed to greatly prefer this to whatever hell he was imprisoned in.

Cain glanced at the flip phone, it was minuscule in his hand, practically a child's toy.

Suddenly the phone started to buzz.

"What the hell…"

He awkwardly opened the flip phone. There was an ongoing call from Lucifer.

"How the hell do I work this?"

Frustrated he slammed his fist into the flip phone.

"Helloooo~ friend!"

Lucifer's voice echoed from the other end.

"What do you want, you barely left."

"My quick wits got us a new job! Come here quick, I'm standing opposite the protestant church."

Cain closed the flip phone and shoved it in his pocket as he stood up.

"Never a dull moment with the devil around."

He sounds tired, but not displeased.