"You know I had a fucked up dream yesterday."

Lucifer poked his buddy Cain. The cafeteria they were in was so empty that even that practically echoed.

The meal was a barely recognizable mass, no doubt a victim of reduced public spending.

This public college wasn't doing so good.


Cain blankly acknowledged Lucifer's statement.

"I had this absolutely beautiful Corvette Stingray, '69 version. Golden Yellow. Stunning really."

Lucifer was a car nut. Cain didn't understand a single word of it, but he tolerated the blonde's constant rambling. They supposedly were good friends after all.

Although if you asked either of them, they wouldn't be able to tell you when their friendship started; they weren't childhood friends, actually as far as anyone knew they were both orphans. Cain would sometimes murmur something about his dad passing away at an old age, while Lucifer would just stay quiet about his family completely.

There were rumours that his dad was someone famous, mainly stemming from his weird name. Especially weird for a boy in a catholic college.

Because it was a Catholic college, named after a pope or two. The boys didn't really pay attention to it.

"...well wouldn't you know it. I crashed the damn thing with you in it. I felt so bad and you just kept yelling and crying."

"From pain?"

"No, you were upset that we'd have to pay for it. It would've been an unrealistic dream otherwise."

Lucifer scoffed at him. He didn't mean that Cain was greedy or anything, rather that the big man didn't seem to be even aware of what pain was. Sometimes during long breaks they'd see who could high five harder (essentially they were just slapping each other) and Cain had an incredible ability to keep completely still without even a grimace.

Lucy wasn't a pushover either, but if they did it too much his hand would start comically pulsating, so Cain eventually refused to participate in this "game".

"Anyway then I was…"

Lucifer was about to start another thread but Cain interrupted him by standing up and turning around on his heel.

While the move was unusually elegant for him, the table manners were of typical disregard.

"Wow, you're just going to leave without taking the plate back? You're despicable."

And indeed, he just left without taking the plate back. Which forced Lucy's hand to do the dirty work in place of his tall friend, then he quickly ran out just in time to see Cain slipping into the bathroom.

This could only mean one thing, they were gonna ditch class for a smoke break. It wasn't a pretty habit but they've become pretty heavy smokers over the years, or months, however long they've known each other.

Cain leaned on a heating unit (which might as well have been a cooling unit because they were never on during winter) and took out a pack of dramatically named "Upside Down Crosses", the artwork was a simple white cross on a black background, with some warnings about health and all that nonsense.

"Very gothic of you, bud."

Lucifer crossed his arms in a mocking matter and took comically large steps toward his smoking buddy.

"Fire, I'm out."

Cain asked shortly. He was always like that, sometimes it was actually difficult to understand what he meant because of how brief his sentences were. Lucifer was used to it though, some people joked they were communicating telepathically.

Which definitely wouldn't fly with all the nuns and priests roaming the school, mentions of "black magic" were not allowed, whatever that meant.

Well, smoking wouldn't fly either, but it's not like they ever were the types to care.

Right now all they really cared about was doing their cartoony bickering routine where Lucy pretends to not have a lighter and Cain tries to pry it out of his hands.

"Ohohohoho, uhuhuhu, I'm all out!"

"Some light bringer you are."

"Oh, now you want me to be your Prometheus? I don't wanna get chained to a rock for all eternity you know."

Cain finally got tired of it all and grabbed his friend by the collar of his shirt.


Then he suddenly stopped. He took a few inhales from his nose. Then suddenly pulled Lucifer away from where they were standing.

"Ough, little rough don't ya think?"

"Shut up. Look."

The lighter was on the floor, it must've fallen during all their fighting.

It was on fire, burning a bright orange to blue gradient. The plastic was slowly melting away, which was simply increasing the size of the flame.

Both of them stood there mesmerised and shocked, not sure of how the fire starter or how it got so big.

"What in God's name is happening here!"

As if sent by God to torment them even further, in the doors stood a familiar priest.