"Hey, if the world didn't run on blood, what do you think it would run on?"

Cain got put off by Lucifer's question. The pair was sitting in the grass in a local park. Cain leaning on a tree, Lucifer leaning on the taller man's legs.


"Same difference, besides, the human world already runs on money."

He was right, the last thing Cain needed was more greedy landlords.

"Wouldn't it be nice if it ran on something beautiful, like love?"

The devil smiled at him.


Cain murmured.

"Well, it's a purely hypothetical situation we're talking about here."

"It doesn't make sense, how do you pay for anything with an idea. Blood makes sense, it's a substance, it's concrete.

Lucifer threw his small hands down in annoyance.

"Jeez! You're no fun, you know that?"

"I've noticed."

Cain's face was completely still when Lucifer climbed off of him and jumped up.

"You don't understand the romantic beauty of a universe where love rules all! Romeo and Juliet, brought back to life by their eternal love!"

"Sounds like a horror movie to me."

"SOunDs LIKe A hORrOr MoViE tO Me."

Lucy made fun of his words, then continued speaking.

"Of course it would, your stone cold heart is positively petrified at the thought of ever feeling the warmth of another person!"

Cain turned his gaze to the fallen angel.

"You don't know that."

"Oh yes I do, Mister. Come on!"

Lucifer tugged on his arm and started dragging him off in a seemingly random direction. Cain let it happen, God knows, if the smaller one didn't get what he wanted he'd throw him into the ocean. Or something.

He proceeded to get an ice cream for the demon to shut him up.

"You know how the universe was created from blood right?"

"No? I've never heard of that."

"That's what they told us, back when I was still seated in the highest triads. That the big G used their own blood to start the creation off."

"Is that why the world is a living nightmare?"

"I mean it was just a rumor, we were never even allowed to see them, sometimes they just spoke, but that's it."

"Guess that rumor never spilled out to us."


Lucifer's thoughts trailed off briefly, before his face lit up again and he continued his thoughts.

"Thanks for taking me out today Cain!"

"Shut it, dragon."

Cain pulled Lucy's beanie down onto his face.

"Ah!!! Injustice! Lucifer-phobia!"

Lucifer fumbled around unable to see for a minute, then pulled his own hat back up.

"Oh, and one more thing Cain."


"I've been thinking about this for a while now…"

The sun behind them has started to set, on the other side of the sky, you could begin to see the stars appearing.

"... I'll miss you when I die."

Cain raised an eyebrow to this and turned back to his companion.

"You can do that?"

"Yep, not from age though"

Cain turned away from the light-bringer.

"You say weird things like that as if they're nothing. You truly are a demon through and through."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!"

And they bickered as they walked off towards their next destination.