"Um, good morning?"

A lady came into the bar Cain and Lucifer were sitting down in.

She looked slightly worried and definitely tired.

"Just beer for me, please."

"Oooh, what a polite one."

Lucifer remarked quietly behind her back. He was quickly finishing up a cheap burrito. Opposite him was Cain, who was opening a new pack of cigarettes.

"Hey! You'll ruin my burrito taste with those!"


Lucifer put the entire remaining part of his meal into his mouth in an impressive display of the flexibility of his jaw.


He said in the most loving tone to Cain, who was now lighting his cigarette.

"Excuse me, may I sit with you two?"

The two were so engrossed in fighting that they didn't notice that the anxious lady walked up to them.


Said Cain.

"Please do!"

Said Lucifer.

The lady was confused but after some reassurance from the sly devil, she sat down next to him. Cain simply rolled his eye and crossed his legs together.

"Have you seen an anxious looking woman?"

A voice reached Cain's ears, he glanced back to see three men in suits talking to the owner of the bar. The lady they were with has practically sunk in her seat now.


Cain breaks the silence within the group and stands up. He gives the woman a mean glance.

"You better make it worth my time."

Don't listen to him ma'am, he has a heart of gold."

Cain didn't think that was true, he was simply eager to fight some idiots willing to stand in his way.

And fight he will, as the men have now realized their target was sitting at the table. One of the men attempted to push past Cain.

"Outta the way man—"

Cain knocked the guy out with a firm punch to his stomach. You could practically see the air escaping his lungs from the pain.

"Oh this is where the fun part starts!"

Lucifer said happily as he cheered Cain on in his bar fight.

After the fight ended the three of them ran outside.

Why can't an evening at the bar ever end normally? Cain wondered, something was telling him keeping Lucifer around was a bad idea after all.