The same as every evening, Cain was leaned up against the windowsill, smoking. Periodically tapping away the ash on his cigarette and watching it slowly fall dawn or get picked up by the wind.

Although tonight wasn't an ordinary night.

Because Raphael was there.

Cain could see him out of the corner of his eye, slowly taking out various items out of his backpack.

Hairbrush. Wallet. Toothpaste. Spare socks.

But most importantly to Cain, there wasn't even a hint of a weapon. Not even a vaguely sharp object. Not that Raphael necessarily needed one to cause damage, he was an angel after all, but it still made the seasoned hunter confused.

He sighed deeply and threw out what remained of his cigarette.

"Why are you here?"

"What do you mean?", Raphael twisted his head slightly to the side. "I just wanted to see you guys!"

Cain's hand blitzed through the air, within a second he had his pistol pointed at Raphael, who was innocently sitting on the old dusty couch.

"Stop the bullshit, last time we saw you you tried to kill us, I still have scars from your shitty chainsaw on my back."

Raphael's eyes change slightly. He looked as if he was struggling with something internally.

"I… w-what?."

The doorbell interrupted their confrontation.

"Caaaaaain, get the door, it's probably the food I ordered."

The eyepatch wearing man holstered his gun and went to get their food, leaving Raphael behind, who quickly wiped off his tears with a tissue he had in his backpack.