Nearly 7 AM. The sky was of a dark purple color, gently illuminated by the moon's reflecting light. Lucifer was standing by the window, having taken off his jacket a moment ago, his pink shirt was lightly waving in the breeze. His quiet contemplation was interrupted by a fire truck's siren loudly proclaiming an emergency as the vehicle drove past the street.

"Something tells me this is Cain's doing."

A pathetic sounding, muffled ding reached his ears, which meant that their cheap electric kettle was finally done boiling water. The appliance was almost as old as their car, if not older. The devil walked into the tiny kitchen and poured a cup of coffee for himself and a cup of tea for Raphael, who hasn't said much in the past hour, instead he was quietly resting.

"Got you something warm to drink, bud."

Lucifer said before completely freezing in his tracks, as he walked back into their living room, Raphael was somehow standing up straight, all signs of sickness or weakness gone from his face.

Another thing missing was a smile. The innocent light behind his eyes had also disappeared.


Lucifer sighed.

"Do you still want the tea?"

The angel took a few steps forward and violently slapped the drinks out of Lucifer's hands.

They stood there staring at each other for an uninterrupted, painful minute. Lucifer's expression was neutral, neither particularly shocked nor angry. Standing in complete opposition Raphael's face was filled with hatred and disgust.

"You're filth."

The angel's incoming rant was interrupted by the door swinging open, revealing a Cain covered in blood and lightly panting, clearly from running a lot. He adjusted his tie then, without saying a word, laid out the briefcase on the counter. This caught Raphael's attention, as his face betrayed some kind of worry.

"This is yours, right?"

Cain handed him the ornate box and the angel quickly snatched it out of his hands. He took a glance at the demon hunting duo, then turned around to face the open window.

"You had the chance to kill me. You've made an idiot's mistake."

With those words he left the apartment by flying out of the window.

After a moment of silence, Cain shrugged, kicked the tiny bits of lead off the couch and sat down. Lucifer sighed again and fell down next to him.

"That was a really long night, I'm tired as hell."


Cain grumbled a sound of agreement as he lit another cigarette. Lucifer's attention got caught on his lighter, which had a pink and blue gradient and a picture of Virgin Mary on it.

"So that's how you knew where to go, Raphael's tissues tipped you off, huh?"

Cain let out a relaxed sigh and closed his eye.

"Mind telling me what they did there, oh great detective?"

"It's not worth imagining."

Cain said bluntly to which Lucifer just shrugged and lit a cigarette of his own, using his partner's newly acquired lighter.

"His body must've gone into a safety mode and seeked out someone who could help, huh? I've heard of angels doing that before but never seen it myself."

Lucifer said, as he was adjusting himself so that he could comfortably rest on Cain's thighs.

Not long after, both of them fell into a deep sleep.