"Before the beginning there was nothing but blood. A sacrifice was made to create a new world. The gears of reality started spinning…"

Cain yawned, he was laying down on a grassy hill, listening to a man retelling the story of this world's creation. A shadow loomed over his face.

"I hope I'm not blocking your sun, am I?"

"Good afternoon to you too, Abel."

The younger twin sat down next to his elder and looked onto the storyteller.

"Do you think it's true what they say?"

Cain raised an eyebrow at his brother's question.

"It's what mom and dad agree with too."

"But they never saw the creator, did they?"

Cain nodded. It was true that in the land of Eden, God would only speak from afar, never directly interacting.

"Isn't it a bit scary, to have to sacrifice in order to create."

Once again Cain nodded. Frankly to him it seemed more unfair than scary, but his brother was once again right.

"Hey! You two! Adam's kids!"

Their conversation was interrupted by someone yelling at them from across the field. As the twins turned their gaze they saw an angered man charging at them at full speed.

"Abel! Outta the way!"

pushed his brother away and took the man's charge head on, which sent him flying back.

"Your scumbag father messed with us one too many times, we'll see how he likes his kids with broken legs."

The man yelled with rage and malice at Cain. The dark haired teen lifted himself off the ground and sarcastically shrugged.

"You couldn't face my father straight on instead of going for his children? Smells of cowardice."

"Shut up!"

The man charged once again, this time Cain was ready and he delivered a devastating blow to the man's face. Now the roles were reversed, Cain was standing and the man was on the ground.

"Thought so, pure cowardi—"

Cain's witty comeback was interrupted by a bunch of sand getting thrown into his eyes.

"Got you now, you little bastard."

The man grabbed Cain by his throat and squeezed it tightly. He spit out a broken tooth to the ground and smirked.

"A snake's got your tongue?"

The man laughed.

"Now which leg should we start with…"


The violent display was interrupted by a confident sounding throat clear. The aggressor turned his head to see a tall, beautiful man, with long golden hair.

"A- Adam. I was just… y- your kids attacked me and—"

The man droppen Cain, who was gasping for air. Before he could continue pleading for forgiveness, Adam's punch launched him flying down the hill and into a pile of rubble.

It was impressive. Cain thought his punches were pretty strong, but his father's were honed to perfection. He was the original after all, even before Cain's birth the couple of Adam and Eve were revered as powerful conquerors of the natural and demonic alike. There were rumors of Eve having friendly sparring matches with Angels and winning. To make a long story short, they were no joke.

Cain's vision suddenly became woozy and the voices of his father and brother started to melt together. Before he could open his mouth to ask for a helping hand…

"...God fucking damnit."

He woke up in his dingy, dark apartment. There was a knocking on the door.

"Cain! I got a new lead in the case, come out I'll be needing your help!"

It was Solomon. What the hell was he thinking, waking Cain up so early in the morning. He really was fearless.

"I'm coming you asshole, stop banging the door like a fucking drum."

Normally he wouldn't agree to go, but today he needed to occupy his mind.