The room had a full coat of dust on every surface. The amount was so extreme that every step Cain took would kick up a dust cloud that could blind anyone below a certain height.

He carefully examined each marking on the wall, making a mental note of their age. They certainly were no older than the crusades. The shape of the crosses reminded him of the style popular at the time.

After making his way through a dark corridor filled with torches that have long been burned out, he arrived at a small bedroom-sized room. In fact, the room was nearly identical to a bedroom, complete with furniture that resembled nightstands, multiple candles that no doubt served as night lights and a bed-like structure in the middle.

The "bed" was actually more like a tomb, a frame made of pure gold with red accents holding together glass panels. On the inside was a sleeping corpse laid down on velvet cushions.

He got closer to the glass surface and wiped off some of the dust to take a better look at the person residing within.

"You're Cain, aren't you."

The corpse's jaw unhinged and the shrivelled up tongue almost fell out of it. Yet words came out without trouble.

"What's keeping you from dying, old man?"

Cain disregarded the question and asked his own. He spoke in a matter that seemed to disregard the fantastical nature of the situation.

"I am dead. The blood that once ran through my veins has long dried out."

Cain examined the tomb closer, checking for any tricks or traps.

"Now answer me, are you Cain."

After running his fingers along the edges and taking a glance underneath the bed, he faced the corpse once more.

"I am. I assume you aren't asking for no reason."

The corpse flinched and for a moment tried to move, but it's practically non-existent muscles failed.

"The son of evil, the one who brought suffering into the world, standing right before me. I never thought I'd be able to see you."

Cain lit a cigarette and shook his head.


He said in a sarcastic tone as he released a puff of smoke from his mouth.

"I can feel the rage in your heart, it stains the smell of your blood. How did a son of Adam become like this."

Cain shrugged.

"It was in me for as long as I remember."

The corpse's mouth formed into a half smile.

"Exactly… it is as if your nature was that of evil."

Cain, growing impatient with the rambling, sat down on the ground.

"What's your point, old man?"

"You defy that nature, don't you? You defy what others force upon you. The idea that you are evil is one that you are locked in an eternal battle with."

Cain put out his cigarette and flicked it across the room, he then stood up and took out his revolver.

"I have a favor to ask of you, Cain… I know you're looking for Anne. When you find her, be her example, show her how good can come from evil."

Cain twitched and pulled back the gun's hammer.

"I'm not who you think I am. I'm just another fool who's led by the destiny set before him."

The corpse broke out into a loud laughter. Suddenly it stopped and dramatically sat up from its resting position.

"As long as you keep the feeling alive in your blood… the same anger that was your downfall will be your triumph."

With those words the corpse froze and lifelessly fell back onto the cushions. From its mouth, a small piece of paper fell out.

"Crazy old man."

Cain let out a sigh. He smashed the glass panel with the butt of his revolver and grabbed the note. Upon closer inspection it was without a doubt some kind of map. Cain scanned it quickly then shoved it in his pocket.