"Sermon's over"

Cain spoke over the loud chatter of the gathered crowd of believers.

"Excuse me? I don't think that's for you to decide."

The priest talked back in disbelief.

"I believe that I have more convincing arguments."

The priest chuckles.

"And those would be? Please escort this man outsi—"

In the blink of an eye, Cain's polished .475 Wildey Magnum fired a round directly into the man's forehead. The crowd scattered until only the demon hunter remained, standing high on top of a pew.

Outside, Lucifer was standing blocking the path of the escapees.

"Everyone! Calm down! Heugh!"

The short man got knocked down onto his back by the stampeding crowd.

"Well shit, can't say I didn't try."

He quickly jumped up and made a huge leap through the air to land in front of the crowd again.

This time holding them at gunpoint.

Back inside the church, Cain was now dodging flesh colored tendrils, from the mass that was once a being posing as a priest.

The demon speaks to him in an alternating pitch. To an untrained ear it would sound like mumbling, but Cain had made enough devils angry to know what they usually say.

A tendril stabs into his side, pinning him to a wall. Blood gushes out between his lips.

"Yeah… yeah, fuck you too."

With all of his strength he takes hold of the tandril and rips it to shreds. He falls to the ground with a loud thud. The beast's recoiling in pain doesn't last long and it quickly lifts up another arm to slam Cain into a fine paste.

Cain closed his eye to prepare for the impact, only for the silence to be interrupted by a soft voice.

And the sounds of a machine gun.

"Have no fear! For Lucifer is here. Nyahaha!"

The beast's tendril fell to the ground next to Cain, giving him enough time to compose himself and finish it off with a special round from his revolver.

A flying flesh chunk hit him in the face made him fall back to the ground.

"God damnit…"

Cain groans with a tiredness only he could achieve.

"Feeling down, friend?"

"Shut up and get this demon flesh off of me"

Lucifer obliged and kicked the gross bits outta the way.

"Looks like you lost a lot of blood, will you be able to stand up?"

"I've walked off worse."

"If you want, you can always, y'know, ask me for mine, nyaha."

Cain looked at the devil in disappointment.

"And be stuck for eternity with you? I'd rather bleed out right he—"

Lucifer stepped on his stomach with his heel.

"FUCK! What the hell was that for?"

"For being a rude prick, Cain. Now get up, all those people with no memory of how they got here wouldn't want a bloodied, gun-toting maniac to be the first thing they see when they wake up."

Cain groaned once again and the two hurried off into the night.