"The angel Metatron helped me find your tomb."

Cain was staring at a young boy, no older than perhaps fifteen. He had dark, slightly wavy hair tied in a ponytail. The one-eyed man shifted his head to take a better look at the visitor, this made the boy recoil slightly in fear. He opened his mouth to speak again.

"T- The angel granted me God's wisdom and with it as guidance I have found you to ask for help."

There was a brief moment of silence, then Cain finally parted his dried lips.

"With all the wisdom in the world you decided to look for me?"

The boy was trembling, but he bravely stood in place and answered him.

"Yes sir."

"Goes to show you that God's wisdom is worth nothing."

He seemed appalled at Cain's words but fear didn't allow him to speak.

"Sorry but you came all the way here for nothing, child. The shackles on me are older and more powerful than most princes in hell. A normal human will n—"

He paused mid sentence, the young boy had already started to lift the ancient seals off his entombment.

"...God damnit…"

"Don't take me for just an ordinary child, sir."

Cain's arms released from the chains and fell down to the ground for the first time in what seemed like eternity.

"This doesn't change the fact that I'm not allowed to leave this place by the will of many angels, how can you break their seals on this place?"

The boy took out a box filled with various items, many of them clearly expensive and rare.

"I've already prepared for that, it will just take some time for it to weaken."

"How long?"

"Maybe a few nights and days."

Cain moved and his entire body made an audible sound. Dust came off of him as he stood up. The boy shielded himself with his box as if anticipating being hit. Cain absolutely towered over him.

"What's your name boy?"

Cain said coldly.

"Solomon, sir."

Solomon replied without hesitation.