"Stheno Corp is the industry leader of visionary C2C. Think wireless. We understand that if you enable intuitively then you may also deliver mega-ultra-nano-magnetically. Think out-of-the-box. Think scalable. Think proactive. But don't think all three at the same time. Your budget for integrating should be at least one-third of your budget for strategizing. It sounds—"

Corporate gibberish was entering into Stheno's left ear and leaving out the right.

Maybe once in a while he would listen to a whole presentation and actually pay attention. This wasn't one of those days. He's lost count how many times he's heard the same meaningless word salads that his management wrote.

It's been a busy week for his corporation and he really felt like going out for a smoke.


Damn. He caught himself thinking about it again.

He formally dropped smoking in order to appear more professional but once in a while his mind would wander to the old habit.

"Is everything okay, sir?"

His secretary quietly said to him. She was sitting right next to him and despite the fact that it must've been their fiftieth meeting this week, he didn't really know her name.

But she did shake him out of deep thoughts and made him realize that his sudden gasp turned everyone's gazes towards him.

Well, this is awkward. He thought to himself.

It's fine. He's been through worse and he probably won't ever see these businessmen again. They didn't like him because they thought he was a young idiot, he didn't like them because they were really, really boring.

Boring. Lately Stheno used that word to describe pretty much everything. The company work was boring. His rich "friends" were boring. The sports cars were boring. The antique painting auctions were especially boring, he didn't even like art.

And on days like this, besides cigarettes, he always found himself daydreaming about the past, about school, about skipping classes…

Frankly about William.

God damned William.

It was bad enough that the blonde bastard was still on his mind more than half of a decade later. But he was also thinking about him while on Sturm, the biggest shithole in the universe.

Great, he's become my imaginary escapists fantasy now. Good job Stheno, good job. He sarcastically compliments himself.

With all that fantasizing, the meeting finally came to a close and Stheno went immediately back into a limousine that drove him back to his hotel.

His stupidly expensive hotel that somehow still felt more like a prison cell than a home. He didn't even bother philosophising about that, it just didn't make sense.