"Erm, yes, I can check it out."

Damn, what a stuck up prick. First, he ignores my question and now he sends me to get his dumb coffee?

Kaama wasn't really that mad, he's dealt with this type of person before, but most of the time they at least attempt to be formal.

He walked up to the counter.

"Hey, is the order for table seven ready?"

The lady behind the counter had bags under her eyes, the kind that Kaama could deeply relate to.

She murmured something to herself before looking a bit shocked.

"Ah! Yes table seven it's right here I'll carry it for you!"

"No need for that, I'll get it there myself."

Kaama didn't wanna strain the poor woman any more than she already was. He knows being accommodating like her for hours on end is exhausting .

As he was leaving with a tray, something caught his ears.

Was that the lady? Oh well, it doesn't matter.

Little did he know, she was warning him to watch the step right before table seven.