The coffee was positively hot, and no longer confined to the cup it was supposed to come in, instead it was all over the seat and partially on Stheno’s lap.

His face twisted in a pained grimace, it looked as if it took everything in him to keep from yelling out.

“I- I’m really, really, deeply sorry, sir…”

Kaama started talking to him, but Stheno tried not to listen and instead stood up and made his way into the bathroom.

Once the door behind him closed, he let out a suppressed yell in the form of a damaged wheeze, and immediately hurried to dampen a towel and get the coffee at least a bit off of himself.

What was he thinking, going to a meeting for such a dumb reason. Of course this is the Universe’s way of punishing him for not getting over a high school crush.

Oh, he was so horribly miserable.