"Sup Kaama, how was your date yesterday?"

"Oh it was atrocious– wait, what? It wasn't a date!"

"I'm just pulling your leg."

His colleague laughed. Kaama put on a grumpy face but in reality he thought it was funny too.

Yesterday though, that wasn't funny at all. After his ill-fated attempt to help, the human stood up and left and he looked really pissed. Kaama had to apologize to the waiters and also promptly left. He needed a long nap after all that madness.

"Anyway, I won't even ask."

The other Starka giggled.

"Oh, you have a message on the computer by the way."

"Thanks, I'll check it out."

Kaama walked up to the computer and sat down on the chair. It honestly felt less like an office at times and more like a cubicle. Kaama shuddered at the thought of cubicles. He saw some offices designed that way and he could only imagine how hellish working in that kind of environment could be.

His office wasn't as bad, but sometimes he felt a little cramped.

"Let's see…"

He pulled up his messages and saw a voice message. He never got those, so at least it's something new. Although after yesterday he didn't know if "new" meant "good" all the time.

He starts the message and hears a familiar voice.