Knock. Knock. Knock.

The sound broke Stheno out of his thoughts.

"Come in."

He said, trying to sound as confident as possible.

"Um, good evening…"

Kaama walked in, wet like a sponge. In fact, he was so wet he was practically leaving footprints.

Punishment for getting coffee on my pants. Stheno's soul smirked gleefully.

"Good Evening, Kaama. Have a seat and grab a towel if you need it."

Stheno replied coldly. The words he said were polite but his tone was anything but.

Kaama picked up a towel from the pile and slightly dried himself off. Stheno was carefully eyeing him, the Starka was a rather handsome young man, his dark hair had a nice gloss to it, and his skin seemed smooth like velvet. Although that might've been an illusion caused by the rain.

Their eyes almost met, but Stheno quickly turned back to his drink. The last thing he needed is to be caught casually admiring his guest's looks.

Kaama folden the used towel neatly and put it next to the clean ones. He looked like he had experience in that kind of work.

"I apologise for the dirty towel, the rain fell down very suddenly."

"You didn't drive here?"

"I walked, nobody was around to drive."

Stheno was a little shocked, wasn't Kaama a fairly high ranking official? You'd think they'd have limousines waiting for him at every corner.

"Well, regardless, sit down, have a drink."

Kaama sat down opposite him. The glass table between them reflected their expressions. Kaama's was mixed, slightly concerned, while Stheno's was stern and cold.

"Sir, I'd like to once more apologize about yesterday. If this meeting has anything to do with that, I just want it to be known I'm willing to make it up for you, as I imagine it must've been rather embarrassing."

Kaama switched to his accommodating tone. The tone he, no doubt, used for politicians and businessmen that needed to be pleased. Stheno didn't care for it, it reminded him too much of the corporate jargon that made him so bored. Frankly, he preferred the more casual way Kaama spoke, it was something new.

"Well, actually, I do have a few questions, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all, I'll answer as much as I can."

"Were you friends with Lyena-Nova?"