"Stheno Corp. would like to expand our horizons and have a positive relationship with the fine people of Sturm, we're hoping to bring our services to better the lives of the inhabitants, as well as pay respect to the royalty—"

Stheno Madoka was sitting in a front row seat of an auditorium. Listening to one of his managers explain to the crowd of investors and officials all about their idea for a "healthy business relationship".

"Now, our great CEO, Stheno Madoka would like to give a small speech."

He gets up. There's a formal applause as he walks up the steps towards the microphone.

His speech is quick and disingenuous, but he makes sure to infuse it with enough energy to disguise that fact.

He was a good actor, which helped in times like these. Just two days ago he was bleeding out on his couch drunk. It wasn't enough time to get over his own pathetic mood whiplash and it also wasn't enough for his hand to heal.

But he put on a smile nevertheless and got another round of applause as he walked off the stage.

"Good work sir."

His secretary whispered congratulations to him.

"Oh, you. It's good that you're here. Book me a flight outta this hellhole."

He still didn't know her name. She's been his secretary for the entire time they spent on Sturm, but he barely paid any attention to her.

"A-are you sure sir? Wouldn't you want to overlook the—"

"Not at all."

As people started to get up and leave, so did Stheno. He pushed through the crowd shaking hands with any investor trying to get friendly with him. He was surrounded from all sides by businessmen, practically drowning in their pointless questions and remarks. He excused himself and cut through an opening in the mob. Stheno turned the corner into a hallway to catch some air, leaning on the wall and letting his head sink down.

When he looked back up he saw a toned chest tightly fitted with a vest.