So now, Stheno got himself into yet another disastrous meeting with a handsome Starka.

There was no point in thinking he wasn't handsome anymore. That only made it worse.

Kaama gently fixed his bandages and called a taxi to get them to a hospital, in spite of various protests on Stheno's part.

The car wasn't the most comfortable, it definitely didn't compare to a limo he usually rode. The driver was rough too, taking sharp turns and stopping abruptly.

"You alright Stheno? You look pale."

"We are not on a first-name basis."

Kaama nodded sarcastically to his words.

"We're almost to the hospital, do you need help getting up there?"

He did lose some blood, but he wasn't to the level of fainting. He simply ignored the Starka and as the taxi stopped, he put on a pair of shades and got out before Kaama had a say in it.