"You called me here… because you want to make a movie based on my life?"

Cain was sitting down in an expensive armchair, in an expensive office, on the top floor of an expensive skyscraper.

"Exactly! We just need to ask a few questions and…"

"What about my approval? And how do you know about me, anyway?"

The businessman he was talking to adjusted his tie. His name was Henry Walton. Cain hadn't heard of him before this but judging by everything, he could guess he was an extremely rich man.

"Well… the Cain trademark is most definitely in the public domain, sadly you don't have a say in it."

Cain sighed and took out a cigarette.

"You're not allowed to smoke here, let's just answer some questions and be over it, alright?"

Cain sighed once again and put his cigarette back into his pocket.


"So, it says here you fought against Nazis during the second World War?"


"Were you ever conflicted about that?"

Cain raised an eyebrow on the man.

"No, I'm not stupid."

"No need to get angry, just filling in the details."

Cain was already angry when he wasn't allowed to smoke, this was simply making him suspicious of the man's true intentions.


"Wasn't a fan."

"Surely you must've joined them, no? After all you're…"

He stopped his sentence when he saw Cain's twitching eyebrow.

"O-kay, let's move on… it says here that you married your sister?"

Cain's eye opened wide and his fists slammed the armchair he was in.

"I-Is that really what they say?"

"Well, is it true?"

"I didn't have a sister. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Well if you were the first humans on earth surely…"

Cain lunged at him, grabbed his tie and slammed him down onto the desk that was separating them.

"What's your end goal, Walton? Because it sure as fuck isn't historical accuracy."

The businessman, who now had a bruised eye, looked up at Cain.

"Cain, m-my friend, conflict is what people are looking forward to in movies, the taboo attracts eyes."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

Cain lifted him and prepped to slam him down again.

"Wait now! Hold on! We have to make it believe, it's impossible for you to have been an idealistic hero, we have to make your character dark and cynical for people to believe in it!"

"I kill people, is that dark enough for you?"

He slammed him down one more time, this time knocking out a few of his teeth.

"Who told you about me? What's your real end goal?"

"It was… oh God, oh fuck…"

Cain lifted him up once again.

"Spill it or I spill your brain on this desk."

"It was a weirdo billionaire, called himself Be—"

Suddenly a splat was heard. Walton's right eye had been pierced by a bullet that flew right next to Cain's ear. A second later the shot itself was heard.


Cain dropped his lifeless body on the ground and took cover behind the desk, but the shooter had already left.

"A mysterious billionaire, huh. Not only performing character assassination on me, but paying for real assassinations too."

This was going to be an interesting case.