"He asked you WHAT?"

Lucifer bursted out laughing at his partner's story. They were driving (too fast at that) in their freshly fixed up '69 Corvette Stingray.

"Yeah, and then his eyeball went splat all over my face, not funny to me in the slightest."

Cain lowered his seat, crossed his legs and lit a cigarette.

"It doesn't add up to me, nobody would've fucking belived that the movie was about me anyway. What's the point?"

Lucifer shifted gears and stole the lit cigarette from Cain's mouth.

"A work of art can change the general public's perception of a character, y'know."

He blew a puff of smoke through the open window, only for Cain to steal back his cigarette.

"You know all about that. Don't you?"

"Paradise Lost, babe!"

Cain's seat rocked forward as Lucifer slammed the brakes. He could only make a bitter face as he dropped his cigarette out the window and into a small muddy puddle.


"Love you too, now let's roll."

The pair was standing at the gates of an extravagant looking mansion. Lucifer figured the best way to find an unidentified billionaire was to sneak into one of the most prolific high society events of the year.

"If our mysterious Mr. B isn't here, then he might as well not exist."

The smaller one proclaimed proudly, as he slammed the trunk of the Stingray open and got out two expensive suits. They bought them exactly for moments like these, not for casual wear.

"Now, let's go change."

Leaving behind a knocked out pair of guards, the two jumped a fence and sneaked through an open window into the basement kitchen. Making sure to not make much noise, they ran out into the servant hallway and before entering the main hall, quickly changed into their respective outfits.

"Bowtie? Are you serious?"

Cain's expression turned into a frown. Meanwhile Lucifer snapped his suspenders into place.

"It's nowhere near as bad as you make it out to be, big boy."

Cain rolled his eye.

"I simply hate bowties."

The duo slipped through the door and merged into the crowd. The most expensive crowd they've had the displeasure to be around for a long while, for sure.

Everyone from famous movie directors, all the way to local politicians was here, a true "guess who" of shady characters.

"So what now, you got a plan to lure him out, or what?"

Lucifer turned to Cain and smirked at his question.

"Actually, I was hoping we could dance a little first."