They danced calmly.

Cain took the lead, he knew all the moves.

Lucifer followed, he liked the feeling of his hands slightly dragging him along.

"Do you ever think about how people view us?"

Surely a lot of people were viewing them right now. As a duet their moving poetry of a dance was unmatched.

The place was filled with slow dancing fools, wannabe kings and queens, yet they all paled in comparison to the Originator of Murder and the Father of Sin.

"At this point I find it hard to care."

Cain was willfully unaware of the onlookers.

"I wish I had met Milton sometimes."

Lucifer felt every pair of eyes.

"He didn't paint you that good."

Cain glanced down to see the Devil pushing his face into his chest.

"The devil is not as scary as they pain him, right?"

The taller man stopped in his tracks and pushed Lucifer away to take a better look at him.

"I'd say he's even scarier."