Suddenly the lights went out.

Lucifer and Cain separated from each other and glanced around the now dark hall.

"Very romantic, my friends."

The voice of a lifelong smoker echoed through the dance floor. A single spotlight shined onto the source of the voice.

"Too bad we're gonna have to cut this one short."

Cain reached for his gun, and got into a quickdraw stance, Lucifer took off his gloves and stuffed them elegantly into his back pocket, then spoke.

"Belial, should've figured it was going to take the Devil of Lies to attempt character assassination."

Belial laughed and leaned on his cane.

"Real shame about Mr Walton, I had plans for him y'know?"

"Then why kill him."

Cain spoke coldy.

"I'm as much in the dark on his death as you are, Cain. Not that you have to believe me on this."

He clapped and in a blink the room was suddenly quiet. Before Cain and Lucifer's eyes, the crowd that was previously watching them dance turned into solid blocks of salt, all with an expression screaming out for help.

"Do you like my trick? I did it myself, I swear."

The demon hunters haven't heard a more blatant lie in a long time. Both of them knew that this was an Angel trick, unlikely for a Fallen to be able to pull off.

"What do you want from us, Belial."

Cain asked him, still ready to quickdraw.

"I want everyone to hate you."

Belial's growly voice once again echoed through the dance floor.