Cain's hand moved faster than a human could blink, he pulled the trigger of his revolver and emptied all 6 chambers in Belial's direction.

"Uh-uh, bulletproof glass. Why not let me at least finish before you shoot?"

The demon smirked.

"We don't have the time to listen to your brain dead schemes, Bel."

Lucifer sharpened his claws and pointed them at Belial.

"Before you lunge at me, let me simply say one thing."

He adjusted his collar and took out a microphone.

"I think the attendees of this dance want to know why The Great Lightbringer turned them all into salt?"

The statues started to shiver and break, revealing the broken bones and torn flesh of the person it once was.

"What the hell…"

Cain and Lucifer stood back to back. The statues started shuffling and surrounding the pair.

"...Lucifer, these aren't possessed."

"I can tell."

"Yes! This is fantastic!"

Belial was watching the scene and giggling to himself.

"Humans truly possess something incredible! I never imagined it'd take so little to break the will of a Son of God."

Cain fired the first shot, breaking the head and most of the upper torso of a salty statue that was once a rich CEO, Lucifer followed shortly, slashing his way through a group of fashion designers.

"All it took was to take a handful of gullible fools and convince them to hate."

Belial's eyes flashed like that of a scientist who just confirmed his hypothesis.

"The human ability to hate is stronger than blood. It bonds stronger and it divides even more. God and all his life energy could've never predicted this."

A statue's kick sent Cain flying into a table full of food. Meanwhile Lucifer was being held down by a gang of them.

"If I can make everyone on earth hate you… I could outclass even God."