Cain clenched his teeth as a sharp log of salt pierced his chest. Blood quickly reached his lungs and came out of his mouth in violent coughs.

"That's enough, don't kill him. I need to make him really and truly pay for everything first."

The claws of a statue digged deep into Lucifer's right shoulder, practically separating his arm from the rest of his body.

Belial left the bullet proof glass dome he was hiding within and came closer to examine the results of his experiment.

"Do you know that the family of Mr Walton hates you, Cain? They think you killed him."

Cain wasn't listening to him, as he was still struggling to remove the salt from his chest.

"I'll have you pinned like this… for as long as it takes. In only a few hours, every major news agency of the world will know that you and Lucifer shot and sliced your way through a room filled with some of the most important and respected people of your time. The Angel's curse will wear off, leaving nothing behind but corpses."

Cain spat on him with the blood that was pooling up in his mouth.

"Fuck you."

Belial responded by simply grinning and licking the blood off his face with his elongated tongue. He came closer to Cain and gently stroked his chin.

"This won't be the end of course. They will find out Walton's notes. They will see the beautiful lie I crafted to him and they will hate you even more."

A soft laughter filled the room.

"Bel, this is simply the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

Lucifer spoke for the first time in a long time, holding his severed arm close to the rest of his body.

"Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful plan. You simply forgot about a very simple fact."

Belial turned to him and laughed back.

"And that would be?"

"You forgot that the devil is scarier than how they paint him."

White. Suddenly all three of them could only see white.