There he was, standing at their door, looking exceptionally weird.

The doorbell rang once more, which made Cain quickly pull out his revolver. Lucifer was sitting opposite of him with a sour expression.

The reason for this was that the angel who barely last month tried to kill them was now casually standing at the door with a full backpack and the happiest, most genuine smile either of them have ever seen.

"Let him in", Cain said while he pointed his revolver in the direction of the hallway. "The second he tries anything weird…"

"No worries."

Lucifer stood up and jokingly straightened out his suit jacket.

"I'm coming! No need to ring more than once!"

He unlocked the door with a key and twisted the doorknob. Before he could open the door fully, through the power of Raphael storming in, it swung wildly.

"Lucifer! It's so good to see you!"

The angel was… hugging him? The devil looked back in Cain's direction who shrugged with his gun still drawn.

"I hope it's not too much of a hassle if I stay over for a few days? I know it's unannounced but I didn't have your phone number… oh is Cain here too?"

Before Lucifer could even open his mouth, Raphael stormed towards Cain and practically tackled him into an embrace.


Cain dropped his revolver in surprise, if he wasn't taller and sturdier, the angel could've easily knocked him over.

"You guys have no idea how much I missed both of you!"

The sound of those words coming from Raphael's mouth made the duo shiver.

"Well… um, good to see you too?"

Lucifer finally snapped out of his shock and spoke while awkwardly fixing his hat to be in the proper position.

Cain's expression changed from shocked to tired as the realization of what the few days to come will be like dawned on him.

"Yeah… we're… glad to see you."