"Yep, he's out cold."

Lucifer was crouched down next to a sleeping Raphael, above him was a very perplexed Cain.

"I didn't realize angels could sleep."

"They don't, that's the problem."

Lucifer raised himself off the ground, put his hands in his pockets and casually walked over to the briefcase Cain used to store all his guns when travelling.

"You could've shot him, why didn't you?"

He said while tracing his finger along the edge of the case.

Cain replied with silence.

"I understand. To be fair, I didn't take advantage of the situation either…"

A coughing sound interrupted his thoughts. The duo turned their heads toward the noise, only to see Raphael, laying miserably on his side, while a red liquid kept pouring out of his mouth.


Lucifer bolted towards the angel and helped him to a position where he can easily spit it out without choking.

Meanwhile Cain, after a brief moment of hesitation, grabbed his briefcase and ran out the front door.

"Cain! Where the hell are you going!?"

The devil prepped himself against the window and yelled at the hunter.

"Call Solomon! I'll take the car."

With those words he ran off Lucifer's field of view.

"Cain! Cain! God damnit. What the hell is your plan?"

He quickly jumped back to Raphael, who had stopped throwing up, but his face was still deathly ill, his eyes were red and there were visible bags under his eyes.

"I- I'm okay… I'll clean up the mess..."

"Shut up idiot, lay down."

Lucifer pushed him onto the couch, then quickly whipped out his phone and dialed Solomon.

"You better pray that Cain knows what he's doing."