The tires of the car screeched to a halt, and Cain jumped out the door, forgetting everything but his briefcase. In front of him stood a seemingly unassuming church, on the fence was a sign reading "Church of Mary the Lifegiver. Cain's shoe sent the gate flying open and left a dent in the old and rusty metal bars.

"How may we help you?"

He was very quickly greeted by a bunch of smartly dressed men. His eyesight shifted slightly from an angry squint back to his usual tired neutrality.

"Do you guys have a tissue or something, I got completely soaked outside."

One of the men quickly ran towards a small counter and picked up a single pack of tissues.

"It's 3$ for a pack, I didn't realize it was raining though."

Cain looked at the packaging intensely. The design on the package was mostly a blue sky with some pink details and the same logo visible on their front gate. Disregarding what the man said, he sat down on one of the pews, laid his briefcase by his feet and calmly reached for a cigarette.

"You're right, it's not raining."

"Looks like it's gonna rain, Cain better get here soon."

Lucifer, following Solomon's instructions, was laying down small pieces of lead around Raphael. The angel in question wasn't looking much better, but he did stop throwing up what was now identified as blood.

Specifically human blood, the devil was acutely familiar with the scent.

"Raphael, what the hell happened to you?"

"I swear, I'm totally fine… Lucifer."

Ignoring the angel's bizarre reassuring, Lucifer picked up a half empty box of cigarettes and with a snap of his fingers lit one.

"Just keep laying down and I'll play a movie for you, aight?"

Raphael smiled as a reply. If he didn't look completely pathetic, that would be creeping Lucifer out.

"Do you guys always smoke so much?"

"You should realize this by now, me and Cain both stink of this shit."

"Ooh... how intimate"

He tried weakly giggling but got interrupted by another coughing fit. Lucifer gave him a half-smirk and stood up to get the angel something to cough into.

"That's what you wished for, isn't it."

"What do you mean…"

"Eh, forget it." The devil waved his hand. "These are your tissues right? Cough into them."

"Yeah... thanks."

"Mary the Lifegiver, huh? Fitting brand for an angel, don't you think?"

They both giggled lightly.

"They cost me 3$, the packaging is cute though."

Lucifer shrugged and sat down next to him.

If it really was intimacy that Raphael has been missing this entire time, he didn't see an issue with giving it to him, for a little while.