The splash of blood from an unarmed church-goer hit the side of Cain's face. The briefcase he was carrying was dripping small red droplets onto the floor.

"You're going to tell me everything, one more time."

Through his broken teeth the man spat onto Cain's face. Despite this, the hunter remained unflinching, and proceeded to slam the man's face into the ground, sending shards of a floor tile flying in all directions.

"P-please, man, what the fuck is wrong with you. We didn't do anything to your shit ugly ass."

"Wrong answer."

This time the slam created a loud cracking sound, and the churchgoer's nose came out slightly bent.

"J-just check in with the priest, he's got a b-bunker underneath… Lord forgive me.."

"Underneath where?"

Cain's voice grew impatient. The horrifying car wreck in front of him was trying to utter out some words but stopped himself. The eyepatch wearing man's expression changed accordingly and quickly the man snapped under pressure.

"U-underneath the carpet in the backroom, just behind this door."

With those words he passed out.