Cain's shoe was slowly crushing the head of this local priest, who has already begun bleeding from his nose. The dimly lit room was the background to the red-eyed man's anger, as he had already dispatched the personnel that tried stopping him.

"Do scum like you ever learn their lessons?"

"Y-yes, please, I learnt my lesson! I swear!"

He put a little bit more force into his step.

"Tell me, does your God give you the right to treat someone like an object?"

"No! No! I'm sorry, please let me live! All I wanted was a single miracle!"

Cain took his shoe off the man's head, in response, the priest bounced up and tried to crawl away and hide in the nearest corner. As if not feeling any pressure, Cain calmly walked up to the crawling priest and pulled him up by the collar until his legs were dangling above the ground.

"You disgust me." He said, with hatred in his voice. "Just point me to what you used to blackmail him or I'll kill you."

The priest weakly pointed in the direction of a small room. The door to said room was made of a thick, gray metal and the tiny window that sat at eye's length was fully barred. It looked like a perfect prison cell.

When entering the room, Cain's nostrils were filled with a horrible stench of blood. Clearly the room wasn't yet properly cleaned, as there were buckets of blood, each with a cheap plastic syphon floating aimlessly in the blood, surrounding a small wood and metal chair, which had unusual slots that were clearly soldered on by an amateur, one could imagine a rope or chain could snap into them easily.

It was a perfect torture room.

Cain's eyes were drawn to a small box that had angelic engravings on it. It was delicately crafted, the marks of the tools used were almost impossibly smooth. The wood, though clearly very old, has been preserved beautifully, with signs of frequent cleaning, yet without any damage of a brush or a harsh cleaning detergent.

It was created with a lot of love.

Luckily, no blood seemed to have stained the wonderful piece of art. Cain picked it up and carefully placed it inside an empty compartment within his briefcase. He stepped back into the dingy bunker, where the cowardly priest was still sitting on the ground and shaking.

"Got a light?"

Cain asked while fixing his tie.