"Kaama! There's a call for you."

"Who is it…"

Kaama replied, practically falling asleep more and more with each syllable.

"A rep from Stheno Corp."

Oh damn. Kaama had indeed been waiting for this call. They sent a formal request for a meeting with Nova and, as it often goes, Nova decided that Kaama would handle it instead. He gestures for his colleague to pull it up to the screen.

"Hello, Chief Royal Servant Kaama speaking!"

Putting on such an enthusiastic voice does kinda make him feel like a fast food worker but it's all part of the trade.

"Sorry for the inconveniences relating to Lyena-Nova, he's been massively busy so he wanted me to take any message directed at him."

A moment of silence falls on the other end.

Is that… a coffee maker? These Stheno Corp. people must really not get enough sleep to be making coffee during a call.

Then the person replies again.

"Meet in person? Well, it can be arranged, but I'm also rather busy, how long will you be staying on Sturm?"

Coffee shop meetings were nothing out of the ordinary actually, despite how it might seem. Many business people looking to get an investment going, or looking for a quick building permit would prefer to meet in person. Now, it didn't always mean they were shady, but sometimes Kaama had to sit through an uncomfortable murky stream of words trying to disguise bribery or such.

He also didn't always go, sometimes other people went in his place, and bless them for that.

But this time it seems no one else was free at the time the Stheno Corp. representative suggested.

Well it wouldn't hurt to spend some time outside the palace, Kaama could use the fresh air.

Come to think of it, he didn't even ask for the representative's full name. Great. Serves him right for answering important calls during an all-nighter.