It's a warm evening.

Sturm looked a little nicer in the evening, the sky was a bit more welcoming. Maybe it just reminded Stheno of the time he went to school.

Today he was going to meet Nova's secretary in person over a cup of coffee to discuss business plans.

He wanted to meet Nova in person again, but that was just wishful thinking. He's out in space getting lovey-dovey with William.

Oh, it drives me fucking nuts. Stheno thought, sitting at the back of the car that was driving him to the Cafe.

What is it about the Starka that fascinates William more than I can. I know he's a bit taller but I have the black hair and stoic demeanor and everything too!

Stheno stopped his thoughts before they sounded any more like a middle schooler's first break-up rant. The joke wasn't lost on him. He was a little sad and pathetic.

Luckily only he knew about it.