When Kaama arrived at the Cafe, he was surprised to see a fairly young man sitting there, pretty tall for a human too.

Most of the time he talked with people way older than he was, this guy looked fairly even to his age.

Before he sat down, he scanned the Cafe. It was a really expensive place, needless to say Kaama didn't have the money to just randomly go to places like this. Hell, even most of the other business people and politicians would take him to way cheaper places.

Who is this guy? Is he trying to make a good impression? Well it wasn't really working right now, but if the coffee was good then who knows.

"Good Evening, I assume you're Kaama?"

The man spoke with machine precision. He extended his hand for a very formal handshake.

Damn, he's like a robot. Kaama thought while he reached out for the man's hand. It was soft actually, different soft to those rich people who never worked in their life. This was the kind of soft that a person who really cared for his skin has.

I mean, Kaama was sure he never worked a day his life either, especially since he was such a young man.

"Good evening, sir."

Polite reply, good and formal.

"Come to think of it I never asked for your name?"

Not as formal. Shit.