Stheno Madoka, the CEO of the Stheno Corporation, was sitting in a Cafe in front of Lyena-Nova's Chief Royal Representative.

And he couldn't force the words out of his mouth.

What have I gotten myself into now. I can't just embarrass myself in front of this guy.

Truth be told, Stheno thought he would be an older man that he could easily talk into telling him about Nova, but this youngster? He'll see right through him immediately!

Such was the predicament the CEO got himself into, and while his mind was racing, so was the clock, and he still hasn't replied to the question.

The question. What was the question? And he blew it, he couldn't just ask for the question again, no that won't fly, extremely informal.

He's gonna pretend he just didn't hear it.

"Come to think of it, the coffee was supposed to get here by now. Before you're fully seated, could you check with a waiter?"

Bingo, the words came out smooth and confident sounding. Yippee!

Oh that was an embarrassing thought.