Another embarrassing moment. The Starka is offering him a bag of ice cubes.

“Let me hold it for you Sir, where is your burn?”

What’s with this guy? Being super accommodating like this. What a weirdo. Well, he probably doesn’t wanna get sued.

“Give it to me.”

Stheno reached his hand out for the bag, he had to look professional and confident, even while recovering from coffee burns in a bathroom.

“Don’t be ridiculous, let me help you out!”

Kaama suddenly changed his tone of voice to a more casual one. It slightly confused Stheno, who isn’t used to being spoken to so naturally. Still, he couldn’t just let someone touch his inner thigh, maybe he could still pretend that this was a formal meeting and not an excuse to ask about his ex’s boyfriend.

Just thinking about that made him feel worse.

While he was lost in thought for a second, once again, Kaama has disappeared. Before he could even react to that, he felt a cold touch on his leg. It made him jump, and comically fall back on his behind.

“Look, dude, stop jumping around or this burn is gonna be really bad, alright?”

Now Stheno was facing the Starka, but in the worst way possible. An ice cube filled bag on one leg, a damp towel on the other and, as he now noticed, a fairly good looking young man between the legs.

Please. End this torment.

In spite of Stheno’s wishes, they stayed frozen in that pose for a good five minutes.