In Kaama's mind, they wouldn't see each other again. It was a chance meeting with a rather unstable rich man. He probably should feel disgusted that such a high profile man can't keep himself together, but a tinge of pity prevented him from being fully upset.

That is, he still thinks Stheno is full of shit, but at least he can see that he is less awful and evil, and more sad and pathetic.

His thoughts on the matter are interrupted by the loud sound of glass shattering. He freezes in place and considers what that could have been.

He didn't… throw himself out the window… did he?

Kaama is thinking that with a bit of sarcasm, but the loud sound was definitely serious. He looks back at the door to Stheno's apartment, then at the elevator doors, then back again.

"Ah, fuck it."

He politely gets back into the expensive apartment and sees a horrible mess left by the volatile rich man. His eyes stop on Stheno, who is passed out and bleeding.

"Why am I always the one that has to deal with people with issues."