"Hello! Mister Madoka, I'm from the local news station, can we have a minute?"

Stheno walked out of the building right into his worst nightmare.

Shit. I forgot to follow the secretary through the back.

A crowd of news anchors, paparazzi and others cornered him. Microphones were almost pressed up to his cheeks. Not a lot of companies dared to enter the Empire's market, even after the end of the war, it was risky from a cultural and political view. This obviously attracted a lot of questions, and in turn, the media showed up.

Just as he was about to get drowned, he felt someone grab his wrist.

"Excuse me, Mr. Madoka will have an important meeting with some Royal Advisors now, there'll be a time for questions later."

Kaama fed them a believable lie and pulled him back indoors. Without letting go of his wrist, he started leading Stheno through the corridors.

"What the hell are you doing? And let go of me!"

"A thank-you would suffice, y'know."

Stheno shook off his grip. It was strong, but not rough, it was the total opposite actually, it was gentle, no doubt helped by the smoothness of Kaama's skin.

Did I really think that?