"Now, we're even."

Kaama led Stheno to a small office space in the building that houses the auditorium. The building was a culture center of this part of town, holding plays, parties and other events.


Stheno looked at him confused.

"For the coffee incident? I figure this pays back for giving you a bad burn. How's the hand and burn healing, by the way?"

Kaama spoke in a monotonous, relaxed tone.

"I could've handled it. They're healing just fine, also."

Kaama glanced out of a window.

"I'm sure you could've, but this way is easier. I also wanted to ask something."

He sat himself opposite the billionaire.

"Why did you want to know about Nova?"

The question visibly threw Stheno off, he glanced around the room then quickly composed himself.

"Strictly business, it's got to do with setting up shop here, nothing more."

Liar! He's definitely hiding something!

The thought echoed in Kaama's mind.

"You asked if I was friends with him. Was that a guess?"

"Educated, but yes."

"Lyena-Nova is currently on board William Masterson's ship, I'll make an educated guess myself, and say that has more to do with that, than just business."

Stheno stood up and slammed his fist on the table.

"You're no better than those tabloids outside, saying things like— shit!"

The man clutched his hand, the wound must've opened up again. Kaama stood up and reached for his wrist.

"It's not healing all that well after all, is it?"