His hand was pretty bad, the only way it could be worse if there were still glass shards stuck inside it.


A nurse fixed up the wound and neatly wrapped it up to allow the healing to go properly this time.

Kaama was in the room with him. The stupid Starka was like a plague. Ever since their initial disastrous meeting Stheno couldn't stop thinking about him. He tried to deny it being any affection but he was very pretty, even if it was just shallow attraction, that fact was undeniable. The fact that Kaama seemed to appear at the exact moment Stheno's monotonous lifestyle had gotten hard to bear.

Great, now I've made a positive mental association with him.

"That's all ready, just don't strain the hand too much and you're good to go!"

The nurse said in a way too joyful tone. Then again with how Starkas are, it was probably an exciting rare activity to have to actually fix wounds.

After leaving the building, the pair stood in silence waiting for Stheno's personal driver to pick him up.

"Why go through all this trouble?"

"What do you mean?"

"To take me all the way here, you know I would've probably healed just fine on my own."

"You want me to be honest?"

"Stupid question."

"Well… on that first meeting, I thought you looked sad."